SunScreen CinePro Technical Specifications

The SunScreen CinePro 10.2” Super Bright LCD delivers a high-definition, fully daylight viewable experience, for recording and viewing footage on your camera system. The 1920 × 1080 resolution panel provides high color accuracy, 2000:1 contrast, and is so bright, it allows you to operate and view in full, direct sun without the need for hoods or shades. It can also be viewed perfectly while wearing sunglasses to protect your own eyes from the sunshine.

The lightweight CinePro display mounts directly to any camera, mount, or accessory via multiple 1/4-20 mounting locations. Convenient 1/4-20 thumbscrews enable you to attach and remove the display with ease.

The convenient I/O ports located on the side of the display allows the flexibility to mount the display almost anywhere on the camera body or rig. The HDMI plus SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI video inputs, and a two-pin Lemo power connector are compatible with virtually every camera in use today. A 3.5MM line level Stereo audio connector is also provided for direct headphone connection.

Finally, an affordable sunlight viewable high performance monitor and all for a price less than 1/3 that of other comparable units.

* Specifications subject to change ** Shipping in Fall 2017